About Records, teams up with Bay Area House Concerts
to create live music events showcasing promising new artists

MILL VALLEY, Calif. -- About Records is pleased to announced that it has formed a partnership with the highly successful music event planning enterprise Bay Area House Concerts.  Over the past several years Drew Pearce, founder and host of Bay Area House Concerts, has built a solid reputation for delivering truly unique live acoustic concerts staged in intimate living room settings throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

In an effort to further support and expand the Bay Area music community the newly branded About Records events will continue to expose great unsigned talent but will now feature About Records artists such as Larkin Gayl and Tim Hockenberry.

"This new strategic partnership makes perfect sense because both businesses have share similar goals- to seek out truly gifted artists and use our experience and resources to promote their music a to a larger appreciative audience " said About Records founder and CEO, George Daly.

As a contributing writer for Acoustic Guitar magazine and former
performing songwriter, Pearce was inspired to organize a house concert
series after witnessing the closure of important venues and hearing
about the diminishing opportunities for musicians seeking gigs in the
Bay Area.

"Without key performance spaces like the Sweetwater, the Bay Area
music community has an even greater need to find new ways to bring
together artists and music fans," say Pearce. "Hosting the house
concert parties was the first, small step toward achieving that goal.
Partnering with About Records is a giant second step toward creating
even better opportunities for musicians to be heard and for fans to
discover their next favorite band or songwriter."

If you build it the people will come-  "I am convinced that there are great numbers of music fans out there who have been turned off by high ticket prices as well the crappy clubs with their bad acoustics and noisy drunk patrons who talk through the music" says Jason Cole, About Records Artist Relations. "I think the house concert format is great way to win back these fans because they can get up close and personal with amazing artists and really hear their music in the best light possible.  And consequently the performers love the intimate vibe as well."

Going forward the goal is to continue to expand by enticing new music fans, both young and old, to attend these events based on the tremendous reputation of the live experience Bay Area House Concerts has created as well as the high level of talent that About Records produces.
For event locations and further details please visit Bay Area House Concerts

About Records, an A&R and marketing driven independent label with
national distribution and parent to TROVE Music, is headed up by a group of well-known senior
record industry executives and producers who have been involved in the
work and careers of recording artists and legends including Bob Dylan,
The Rolling Stones, Rebe McEntire, Bruce Springsteen, The Cars, Tool,
Vanessa Carleton and many others.