Heidi Roizen, one of Silicon Valley's best known female venture capitalists, has turned pop songwriter, crafting an upbeat collection of songs - including numbers like "Skinny Jeans" and "I'm a Hottie Now" - intended to help women shed pounds while grooving along to the music.

Try this lyric on for size: "I use wills of steel, at every meal, to control my every bite/And with my xray vision I can see without a doubt/There's a skinny girl inside me, I've just got to let her out."

All the lyrics on the 10-song CD "Skinny Songs" were written by Roizen, who is leaving her post as a managing director for Mobius Venture Capital this month to devote herself to the project full time. She's also a former Apple executive, a Stanford alumna, and 30 pounds lighter than she was in May. That's when she began a quest to develop danceable music with a diet-and-get-fit theme.