TROVE is always on the lookout for fresh, new talent. Here are just a few of the new artists who have caught our attention-

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Yeah Yeah Yeah
Rick Hardin- Great Voice, Great Songs

Rick Hardin was born in Sonoma, California. He grew up in a very musical family and remembers feeling right at home singing in front of his church congregation when he was only three.

"When I write a song, I pull from my own personal experiences and from the people around me. I often try to get inside of some ones head and express my self from their point of view. For instance in my song Captured I write: if I could find you/I'd untie and bind you/to myself... I was simply making an observation about a young couple I knew who were constantly frustrating each other yet very much in love. I am big fan of innovative rhyming schemes and double meanings. Aimee Mann is one of my biggest inspirations lyrically."

“When Rick came into our offices to play a few tunes, I was struck by his calm, self-effacing demeanor” says Jason Cole head of TROVE Artist Development.  “When he started to sing I believe everyone in the room kind of just drifted off in their own beautiful but melancholy trance.” Added Jason, “I really am looking forward to hearing more of his songs going forward- he seems to have an open mind and is surrounding himself with talented writers and players- they sky is the limit for Rick.”

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Rick Hardin- Great Voice, Great Songs