TROVE is always on the lookout for fresh, new talent. Here are just a few of the new artists who have caught our attention-

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Four Song Medley
Gracie Coates- 18 Year Old Piano Phenomenon

Singer/songwriter Gracie Coates first performed live on stage at the ripe old age of four- appearing in the musical theater production “Nowhere Band” which had performances in San Francisco and Tokyo. By the time she was thirteen Gracie was composing and singing her own original songs. Now at the age of seventeen Gracie, already a gifted singer, pianist, and award winning performer, has been busy crafting beautiful, moody, and often personal songs that have power and depth far beyond her years. “Many of the songs I write involve characters I create, others are from my own experiences.  I don’t have any single set of rules except sometimes I like to make wrong musical or lyrical choices deliberately to see where it takes me…until it’s not wrong anymore.”
Gracie’s song, “Mr. Policeman”, which recently won the Songwriting Showcase at Berklee College of Music, had its East coast premiere in front of thousands at their Berklee Performance Center in the summer.  “I was a Gracie fan the minute I heard the opening piano refrain of Mr. Policeman at a performance earlier this year, and when she started to sing I was sold” says Jason Cole, head of Artist Development at TROVE Music.  “She has great poise and a fearless stage presence, a born performer for sure!  We look forward to hearing more great things from Gracie- her potential is practically limitless” added Cole.
Gracie is currently hard at work writing and recording new material at a feverish pace while still balancing her time between her music and her studies. 

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Gracie Coates- 18 Year Old Piano Phenomenon
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