TROVE is always on the lookout for fresh, new talent. Here are just a few of the new artists who have caught our attention-

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Five Song Medley
Truxton- Four Piece Indie Rock Sensation

Frankenstein - the most sympathetic of classic movie monsters, was always more than the sum of his parts. Oakland's own Truxton is much the same. Combining the fragile heart of Elliott Smith, keen mind of Neil Young, the wistful memories of Jon Auer and the Posies and the brute muscle of Rival Schools, this quartet is pushing it's way through this world, serenading you with waltzing earnest beauty while leaving pure destruction in its wake.  This gritty, hard working rock band delivers urgent, explosive rock music, beautiful and melodic but immersed in deep layers of distortion and discord. 

"Truxton write great songs, period" says Jason Cole, Trove's head of Artist Development.  "They have a style all their own...I sense danger when when I listen to Truxton and danger has always been a key ingredient in great rock."  For the past several years Truxton has been earning their stripes touring the United States, from San Francisco's Bottom of the Hill to Austin's Emo's, and all points in between.  The fruits of their heavy labor have paid of by solidifying their line up and expanding their repertoire while building a devoted fan following in the process. "Truxton have played some great shows and put out some really decent recordings in the past but I am confident that their very best music [and indeed best album] is yet to come"  says Jason.

"They are highly motivated and dedicated to the cause so I think they will go far, they deserve a wider audience" added Jason, bopping his head along to the playback of one of Truxton's latest demos.
Truxton- Four Piece Indie Rock Sensation
Gracie Coates- 18 Year Old Piano Phenomenon
Rick Hardin- Great Voice, Great Songs