TROVE Music has arrived- Hello and welcome!   All of us here are proud (and just plain excited) to be part of the About Records family

TROVE Music is truly unique not only because we are the "kid sister" to About Records, but because we offer a "toolbox" of resources, professional services, and support for musician in all phases of their careers.  From discovering and developing young "diamond in the rough" artists to supporting more established DIY acts, many of whom already have serious albums that deserve wider recognition, TROVE has the expertise and resources to help propel them in their careers.

Through this new creative arm of About Records, TROVE offers A&R resources, management, PR, marketing, and major retail distribution among other support services crucial to an artist's career. "We will be able to do great things for serious performing musicians who are already making  a name for themselves but may be ignored by the majors, as well as to reach out sooner and further to promising unknown artists who have already done their first records.  TROVE is just that, a collection of musical treasure, and we're here to provide the guidance they require and deserve" proclaims About Records Artist Relations head Jason Cole who is now the steward of TROVE's link with both the artists and with parent About Records.

And, the same old school artist friendly spirit fostered by About Records Founder, CEO, and veteran A&R person George Daly is alive and well here at TROVE Music.  With the unstoppable proliferation of music technology the end result is the growing perceived indifference to the power and artistry of the full length album, which, at its worst, can be indifference towards the artists themselves.  At TROVE this is not the case- while it is still true that the collective "ears" who work for the About Records companies are focused on finding great songs, they are steadfastly committed to championing the artists who write them as well as respecting the albums they create as true works of art.  We do this not only in the interest of financial prosperity for the label, but for the artist, and for longevity of their careers. 

Just as at parent label About Records, everyone at TROVE Music are first and foremost music fans at heart- we love music want great music to succeed!  "All this amazing, relatively cheap, and widely available music recording technology can't manufacture genius -  the human factor will never be eliminated from the equation when it comes to writing great music that really moves the masses.  I am sensitive to this undeniable truth and everything TROVE Music does is focused on finding these artists and helping in any way we can " concludes About Records' founder and TROVE Music's inspiration, George Daly.

TROVE Music has arrived, please join us and be a part of the musical journey.

George Daly
Founder and CEO

Gabriel Shepard
Chief Engineer/Project Coordinator

Jason Cole
Head of Artist Relations and Development

Dan Sapp
Co-Founder About Records and friend.

Drew Pearce
Special Event Planning, Artist Coordination