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Saturday, June 14 
Sweetwater Station
Jim Brunberg, Amelia, Austin Willacy, Richard March and Ali Handal
500 Magnolia Avenue, Larkspur, CA
Music begins at 7:00 p.m.

Truxton- Four Piece Indie Rock Sensation

Frankenstein - the most sympathetic of classic movie monsters, was always more than the sum of his parts. Oakland's own Truxton is much the same. Combining the fragile heart of Elliott Smith, keen mind of Neil Young, the wistful memories of Jon Auer and the Posies and the brute muscle of Rival Schools, this quartet is pushing it's way ...

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8th Notes From Underground
- by Drew Pearce

Please join us on Tuesday, June 24 For this exciting fund raiser featuring Amy Penwell, Josh McIntosh & Davis Jones Bazaar Cafe, SF For more info about future events contact Drew Pearce .

VC Roizen rockin' to rid pounds

Gracie Coates- 18 Year Old Piano Phenomenon

Singer/songwriter Gracie Coates first performed live on stage at the ripe old age of four- appearing in the musical theater production "Nowhere Band"...